Letter to the Editor: Government requires in-person action


How much further can we get from teaching “being an American?” Shenandoah County Supervisor Conrad Helsley not only chooses to want video in the board meetings, but has found undisclosed persons to assist in some funding. Isn’t this encouraging residents to stay home and watch instead of participating?

American government requires in-person action! We are the government. We elect representatives to serve us. We are the guidance, the sword and the shield. To stay home and watch without your voice being heard is dictatorship!

Helsley is not proposing video conferencing where your face and voice can be seen and heard. America, wake up! You are being bamboozled to get out of the way, stay home, be lazy, let our government to do as it sees fit. After all, many appear to think they know what is best for you. As citizens, we are the militia of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the direction of our local, state and federal governments. Additional cost through media that promotes staying home, without disclosure of persons paying some of the cost is admirable but not transparent.

In the making of our country, board meetings would be filled to the rafters with people! One would think in encouraging a great education, high school teachers would take up classroom learning by attending county board meetings with students. I’ve endured tax increases for two years in a row due to educational need — where are students learning such an important American freedom? Our School Board should encourage hands-on teaching of our American responsibilities.

Our course is loud and strong, making Shenandoah County a “land of plenty.” Where is that now? Where are the jobs? Where are the tourist dollars? Our county is so poor we have to raise taxes yearly to meet government spending. Thank you, Cindy Bailey for guarding funds available and demanding transparency.

Our military is on the front lines, many giving life and limb to protect our freedoms. Support our troops as they are supporting these rights in protecting these freedoms. They are returning home to find no jobs available, businesses closed and higher taxes.

Rex A. Ingram, Maurertown