Letter to the Editor: Law against fortune tellers is racist, discriminatory


I have been following the story of Front Royal’s antiquated ban on strolling fortune tellers. It saddened me that the law was on the books, both because it violates our Constitutional rights for freedom of religion, and also because the wording of the law speaks of Gypsies, which is racist and violates our protections against discrimination due to national origin and race itself. I thought for sure that once people found out about this ridiculous law, it would be removed posthaste.

Not only is the Front Royal Town Council not immediately removing such an egregious law immediately, there were actually town residents who stood up in favor of keeping the law!
It pains me that instead of people attempting to learn about something, they automatically try to place a ban. As the saying goes, minds are like parachutes, they function best when open. Not only are they making no effort to learn about Pagans, they are demonizing us out of hand.

What are they afraid of? Is it that knowledge and tolerance might somehow shake their faith? If that is the case, then I assert that their faith must be built on sand instead of rock! Is their belief system so fragile that they cannot tolerate someone of a different faith breathing the same air or working on the same street as they do? Are they afraid that if people see something different, that they will go astray?

The truth is that Pagans are everywhere. We are your doctors, teachers, cousins, neighbors, store clerks, military, and police officers. The world has not ended because you spoke to a witch and thanked her for helping you at the store, or because a Druid helped you pick out flowers to plant in your front yard.

My heart is filled with sorrow over this. Jesus said in John 13:34 “A new command I give to you: love one another. As I have loved you, so must you love one another.” Why is it that Pagans are more ready to practice the words of Jesus than some Christians are?

Deena Hardy, Palmyra