Letter to the Editor: The irony of it all


After reading the letter to the editor on June 5, I find it ironic that we criticize the government for helping the “have-nots” and giving breaks to the “haves.” The wealth gap has widened … 90 percent of the wealth gained in 2000-2010 went to the top 1 percent. I have read there are 492 billionaires living in this country and 16 million kids living in poverty.

I also find it ironic that most “men of God” only do it for the tax breaks, and has nothing to do with anyone’s soul. Take away the tax breaks and see who really cares. I recently listened to an elderly minister give a sermon on the damnation of the younger generation (tattoos. piercings, single parenting, etc.) for their appearance and the morality of it all. He did not include the elders who worship the dollar bill and materialism while hiding behind the Bible. I was not aware that God judged us on how we dressed and presented ourselves.

Even the places of worship have a tendency to take care of their own. I can only state what I witness and would love someone to prove me wrong. Please.

The name-calling does not bother me. People have called me in the past a socialist, a communist, a non-believer. I have served in the military and fought for my country. I believe in a higher being and I “pay unto Caesar what is his.”

To all points of views on this subject, I will quote a recent Bruce Springsteen song. “Wherever this flag is flown, we take care of our own.”

We all have to share in the responsibility to find a way to make it happen.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Danny Plauger, Fort Valley