Letter to the Editor: The progressive agenda is fast taking root


The increasingly divisive rhetoric on social issues coming from the political right, rife with misinformation and downright lies, is nothing more than a vicious campaign to bring down the Obama administration.

What we have here is the death rattle of the white male power structure that has dominated American politics for decades. The radical right is justifiably running scared.. America is rapidly changing demographically. The population is growing more racially diverse and it is predicted that the nation will have a new majority in 30 years composed of what we now refer to as minorities.

New projections from the census bureau indicate that the white population is shrinking as the numbers of minorities grows. The recent gubernatorial election in Virginia is a good example. It was a coalition of women and minorities that voted overwhelmingly, not necessarily for the Democrats but against the Republican religious ideologue that determined the outcome of the election. That is why we are seeing Republicans resorting to unfair tactics of gerrymandering and voter suppression to desperately cling to power.

Polls have suggested that the progressive agenda is fast taking root. A majority of Americans now favor gay rights, women’s rights and immigration reform with a path to citizenship. We have elected and reelected the first African American to the presidency and barring unforeseen circumstances we will elect our first women president in 2016.

Even the Catholic Church, with the election of Pope Francis, is on the road to fulfilling the agenda of John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council to bring the church into the modern world. In Francis’ latest mission statement, he outlines how the church must reform to see to the needs of the poor and repressed. He said that church’s greatest concerns should be the poor and marginalized since they are the victims of an unjust global economic system that prizes profit over people. The Affordable Care Act is a step in that direction and is in keeping with humanist principles. Although, as a secular humanist, I still disagree with the pope’s positions on social issues, I wish him well.

Gene Rigelon, Front Royal