Letter to the Editor: Washington needs a house cleaning


I have always been an independent voter. I vote issues rather than party affiliation. I am conservative in some areas, liberal in others, but middle of the road on most issues. I believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution!

Most liberals view tea party people as unenlightened. As an independent, I can see why the tea party takes the far right stand. When ultra liberals jammed through unpalatable laws because they had the majority, a backlash was bound to happen.

For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. One party wants to run off the road on the left and the other wants to drive off the road on the right. I would like to have representatives that drive in the road. Unless there is true compromise and less partisanship, our government will continue to be dysfunctional. Stop the ‘take no prisoners’ attitude that both parties are exhibiting!

I have grave concerns on what is occurring in Washington at this time. We have an attorney general who wants to choose the law that he enforces and which cases that should be pursued, tainted by political reasons. This should not be a political position!

Congress makes the laws; the attorney general should be enforcing them. We have an Environmental Protection Agency that “writes laws” instead of enforcing laws that Congress passes. What are our senators and representatives for!

We have a president who wants to rule by edict. Why haven’t our representatives taken these issues to the Supreme Court? If they do not like the Constitution, change it, but quit trampling it.

Wake up people! Washington needs a complete house cleaning! Represent the voters or go home! Voters, open your eyes to what is happening in our federal government. Senators and representatives who support the current administration’s disregard of our constitutional rights need to be sent home!

Harry E. Reed, Front Royal