Letter to the Editor: Why do Christians join the GOP?


I’ll admit it, I don’t always read the paper on a regular basis. I prefer, like many others, to actually see the news unfold on television or on the internet. But May 23 happened to be one of the days that I decided to flip through the Northern Virginia Daily. I was fortunate to do so or else I would not have seen Andy Schmookler’s commentary.

In this article, Schmookler asked a question, one I have wondered myself but never voiced out to anyone. Why has the Christian society, as a majority, combined itself with the GOP?

If you have ever read any part of the Bible or ever attended church, you can see that the GOP does not embody the beliefs held by the church. Yes, the Republican Party does oppose the progression of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement, and fights the legalization of abortion, but that is not what the church is centered around.

The church is based on giving to others and providing for the common good. How then, can cutting welfare to those who need it or denying immigrants access into America be what God wants us as a people to do?

It just seems that the church has a skewed view of what God wants them to do if they honestly believe that the GOP best embodies their own beliefs.

David Snarr, Woodstock