Letter to the Editor: Wolfe’s, Goodlatte’s votes against hemp unacceptable


Across the nation, Americans are celebrating Hemp History Week. Sixteen states have passed laws to regulate industrial hemp, and last week two amendments passed the U.S. House of Representatives to limit the Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Agency from using funds to interfere with states that have legalized the cultivation of hemp for food, fiber, and fuel.

Six bi-partisan Virginia lawmakers voted in favor of the hemp amendments, but our very own representatives Bob Goodlatte and Frank Wolf both voted no!

Goodlatte’s and Wolf’s “no” votes are entirely unacceptable. Not only do their votes clearly represent excessive federal overreach and disrespect for state’s rights, it goes against the grain of their “conservative” principles by expanding big government control over free enterprise.

Hemp is not a drug; it is an American heritage agriculture crop that can bring Virginia new industry, new jobs, and increased environmental sustainability.

Patrick Chase Milner, Shenandoah Valley regional coordinator, Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition