Letter to the Editor: Call your lawmaker about those entering U.S. illegally


The Obama administration is trying to hide a disaster of its own making concerning the flood of juveniles storming our southern border and entering the country illegally.

On June 15, 2012, Barack Obama, by way of executive order and bypassing Congress as usual, enacted the deferred action for childhood arrivals law, which in part states no person 16 years or younger is to be deported.

Shortly after the law was passed, there was a noticeable uptick and now has become a crisis. The lame stream media has been silent on this fact and its silence is deafening. No doubt covering for their stooge in the White House. Obama wants $3.7 billion of our tax dollars to house these folks. I suggest we build a tent city on one of Obama’s favorite golf courses, or better yet, house them at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

On a side note, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring issued a memo on April 29 advising all state public universities are to give in-state tuitions to those who entered the country illegally. If you want to be heard on this issue, contact your House and Senate members and give them an earful.

Thirty-three Republican House members have asked the administration to rescind he deferred action for childhood arrivals law. The White House response on July 3 via spokesman John Ernest is as follows: “That’s not going to happen.”

John J. Gwyer, Bentonville