Letter to the Editor: School superintendent’s raise is outrageous


The recent decision by the Shenandoah County School Board to give School Superintendent Jeremy Raley a pay increase is simply outrageous and ludicrous from any standpoint.

Let’s put the numbers into perspective. His annual salary just increased from $119,000 to $125,000.
His weekly salary leaped from $2,288 to $2,403. This combined with his annuity, 100 percent health insurance including family, and vehicle allowance embodies a lavish package.

A man of civility and virtue would have turned down this increase based on the grounds of blatant and unnecessary excessiveness financed on the backs of hard-working taxpayers.

This latest action by the School Board is clearly indicative of its callous perspective toward anyone outside its group of minions. Supervisors have little control over how schools spend their money. But instead of handing the School Board a blank check, they should be made painfully aware that frivolous and asinine disbursements of taxpayer dollars entrusted to them will be markedly considered at the next budget sessions in regard to school appropriations.

Michael Wakeman, Edinburg