Letter to the Editor: Another view on the conflict in Gaza


Here is another version – in my words – of the Northern Virginia Daily’s front page story on July 18 about Israel’s soldiers finally retaliating and starting to destroy the Gaza smuggling tunnels, weapons and rocket launchers:

The Nation of Israel Once Again Attacked from Gaza Defends Its People

The Palestinian Authority in Gaza, which receives financial aid from the United States taxpayers, has joined with and provided sanctuary to the terrorist organization Hamas.

Hamas or other Palestinians in Gaza kidnapped, executed and buried in a shallow grave three Israeli teenagers. One of the boys was an American citizen. Shortly following these savage murders, an intense barrage of deadly rockets began firing from Gaza, raining from the beautiful sky to fall upon the general population of Israel, the homes, schools, whatever, no matter what. That’s how this war was started.

Rule one for any government is to defend against those who intend harm to the nation and it’s people. Israel is so tiny, one sixth of 1 percent the size of Arab lands. On my map, there is not enough room to print Israel’s name on the country. Its printed out in the water of the Mediterranean Sea. Hamas can, and is, sending rockets practically from border to border.

Massive amounts of concrete have been mixed in Gaza without any buildings created. It was for terrorist tunnels. Twenty-six of them have been found. Young Israeli soldiers, their lives at risk, are destroying them.

Read the Daily’s other story on July 18, on page A8, by Brett Zonker: “Museum opens UN archive on WWII crimes.” Ponder Israel’s choices.

Patricia Botts, Fort Valley