Letter to the Editor: Court system failing in animal abuse cases


Christopher Lee George of Front Royal tortured and killed a dog on May 2, according to the story in Wednesday’s Northern Virginia Daily. Once again our legal system has sent out a message, loud and clear, that animals have no rights in this society. Every time I read another sickening account of cruelty to animals, I wonder where the outrage is!

This man should be serving time in prison, or worse, but he was sentenced to 365 days with 360 suspended on condition of good behavior. He has “agreed to 100 hours of community service.” Really?

Good behavior? He has tortured/killed an innocent animal and he should be punished.
I see no shades of gray here. Once again the courts are giving others the green light: do as you please, it’s only an animal.

Unfortunately, this mentality is reflected all of the time by the treatment of animals every day: they have no voice, no vote nor money to hand over to politicians, so anything goes.

Animal abusers/killers should be identified forever as the criminals they are: there should be a master list. We should be demanding more from our courts.

Diana Snarr, Strasburg