Letter to the Editor: Slay the IRS dragon


There’s no better time than now to do away with the IRS, except for corporations, and go with a flat tax on items purchased so that everybody pays taxes, with no discrimination, and nobody left out of paying taxes.

We have seen the abuses, and corruption within the IRS, and it’s long past time to slay the dragon most Americans hate, fear, and loathe. It has been a burden on every American year after year and has been a burden for generations where some people pay taxes, and some people don’t, and some people don’t even file taxes.

Should there be a tax revolt due to corruption in our government, the flat tax would override that. If you buy something, then you pay your taxes and don’t have to file very year. The $18 trillion dollars in national debt is serious, and for national security some serious thought on the flat tax should be considered. Slay the dragon that preys on all of us — the IRS.

Richard W. Slagle, Wardensville, West Virginia