Letter to the Editor: Some thoughts on open spaces, conservation


The article I read in the June 23 Northern Virginia Daily gave me pause to think a bit. The article stated that once an animal is trapped, it must be destroyed, according to state law. Am I missing something? Oh, wait, I get it! You can’t relocate the animal because there’s no place to release it that isn’t near a human habitat. No one can figure out why animals are invading “our” territory. Hello! That’s because we have taken over “their” territory.

A friend told me a story about a bear approaching him as he was grilling outside. I can’t drive or walk a mile on any road in Shenandoah County that I don’t see animals that have been hit by a vehicle lying dead in or by the road. How many backroads can you travel and see open land, forests, pastures, farms, etc? Traveling through Canada and Alaska, you do see open land with no houses, fields of sunflowers and farms, and the water is fit to drink! That brings me to another concern.

Shenandoah County citizens should have their water tested because the only pure water in this county comes in a plastic bottle. Steam-distilled water is the purest water available but what do we do with all the plastic containers the water comes in? If we separate trash and the plastic is recycled, where does it really go?

I have a tester that measures water quality. Electrodes in the tester measure the amount of ions and convert that amount to a number. The number represents the amount of parts per million (or milligrams per liter) of dissolved solids that exist in the water sample. The higher the total dissolved solids reading, the higher the amount of dissolved solids in the water. Steam-distilled is the only bottled water I have found that measures “0”. I tested my water and that of several of my friends and relatives. Here are the readings: 220, 301, 343, 311, 434. I checked the water in my aquarium: 534! It may be a cheap tool but I think I see what it is telling me.

Kitty Martz, Edinburg