Letter to the Editor: Supervisors need to work together


This is a response to all of the letters concerning Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors, School Board and Sheriff’s Office. It is amazing to read all of the negative comments addressed toward individuals in office. It takes no courage to attack someone in the media.

Most of the year we see our school system and Sheriff’s Office in an extremely positive light. We praise these respective department heads because of the outside awards and accomplishments. All of this goes away around budget hearings. Is it because of the departments or the Board of Supervisors?

Our school superintendent is receiving a raise. Good for him. Is it concern or jealousy that brings out these comments? Jeremy Raley is a quality person, family man and great administrator. All other superintendents hired in this county in the last 10 years have been ready for retirement. This current person is involved in the community and has worked his way up the ladder in our system.

Our Board of Supervisors must learn to work together as a unit, not always agreeing. Learn the art of compromise and bring business to our county.

Yes , economically our county has not recovered, but by working together the county can prosper. Just like in athletics winning solves many problems, so to does cooperation among all members of the Board of Supervisors.

Bruce Tiller, Edinburg