Letter to the Editor: Taxation seems to be revenue of choice


Shenandoah County Supervisors Chairman David Ferguson and Supervisors Conrad Helsley and Steve Baker all voted “for” the humongous debt for the regional jail, ignoring Sheriff Timothy Carter.

It was audaciously brought back before the Board by Supervisors by Ferguson to further go into debt. The very property Sheriff Carter advised would generate revenue to build a new jail locally without debt.

This citizen’s mind jumps to conferring cronies with accomplices, but then freedom of speech and representation prevails. My thought then proceeds to the word “revenue” and ponders if the definition in my thought pattern is different than these same supervisors.

Taxation in itself is nowhere in my thoughts nor does it easily roll off my tongue, but it has appeared to be the revenue of choice to those who represent Shenandoah County citizens. I have yet to meet these citizens but I do look forward to their perspective when I do find one!

I am pleased that Carter’s coffers are expanding, for our officers are excellent and deserve raises in pay or bonuses, plus there are astounding pieces of equipment available in fighting crime today.

Rex A. Ingram, Maurertown