Letter to the Editor: Supervisors ignoring our best interests


Let’s give kudos to Shenandoah County for proposing regulations to control adult business locations. But, one good judgment call doesn’t make up for many bad ones.

It has been reported that the regional jail really wasn’t necessary after all (as we always suspected). So “we the people” will be paying for the regional jail forever, although the Board of Supervisors that approved the deal could have constructed a local jail at no cost to taxpayers. Why would the board do that? A free jail vs. taxpayers paying forever; sounds like a no-brainer for a board watching out for the interests of its taxpayers. That’s the point — they weren’t protecting the taxpayers.

There are many examples of some board members ignoring the best interests of “we the people.” Another is that in July 1999 the Board of Supervisors voted to hire the law firm of Litten & Sipe to provide legal services for the county. No contract was awarded and no details were given in the minutes of the meetings as to cost. Now, 15 years later, the same firm is still representing the county with no contract. The situation was recently brought to the attention of the current board by the two new supervisors, but they were ignored. I’m no expert, but I’m guessing a few state procurement regulations are being ignored also.

Replacements on the Board of Supervisors are needed.

Fred Hughes, Woodstock