Letter to the Editor: A few thoughts on a variety of topics


A typical thing for new administrations to do is make the previous administration look as bad as possible because that way, anything they do will look good. Virginia seems to be doing that in spades.

I wish you would run the “Hagar the Horrible” comic strip. That’s my favorite. I especially like Hagar’s sidekick Lucky Eddy with his metal funnel hat. He seems to always have so much inside, but only a little comes out.

My case manager thinks Shenandoah water is like New York City water. He won’t drink it. But it feels uncanny to have a guy over and not drink with him, so I give him juice or bottled water.

I used to just get the Sunday Washington Post, but I then couldn’t read about the NFL football games. I refuse to possess a TV. But now with the Northern Virginia Daily, I can read about the games.

Gerry Kona, Front Royal