Letter to the Editor: Call on state leaders to keep waterways clear


In response to the Aug. 7 article, “Riverkeeper files intent to sue EPA over algae in river.”

With the news of Toledo, Ohio’s issues with algae and subsequent water ban, news of any similarity with Virginian waters is cause for some concern. Our waters are integral to the state of public health and the quality of Virginia’s industries, from tourism to fishing.

Our rivers provide us with much of our drinking water. Preventing the fuel to the fire is paramount. Learning about the organizations that dump pollutants, which hasten the growth of algae, is a step in the right direction as is calling on our politicians to take action against this issue.

Along with Jeff Kelble, the Shenendoah Riverkeeper who recently filed intent to sue the Environmental Protection Agency, I hope that men and women call on their leaders in Virginia, from Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine to back efforts to keep Virginia’s waterways clear.

I urge the EPA to close the current loopholes in the Clean Water Act to ensure we can keep our waters safe.

Sarah Coloma, Richmond