Letter to the Editor: Embarrassing comments made at public hearing


In my opinion, there was an embarrassing amount of ignorance on display at Monday night’s Front Royal Town Council meeting.

As a Main Street business owner (Gathered), I would personally welcome any business that brings cultural diversity to Main Street. Diversity cultivates both strength and stability within a community.

From an economic perspective, it would be a very wise move to repeal code 110-17. Of course, we don’t want our town to have a bad reputation (which I understood to be a major concern of many speakers at the meeting), but if this code stays in place, Front Royal will have a bad reputation — one of being closed-minded with antiquated ethics.

Citizens should be able to choose how they want to spend their money, be it on a souvenir T-shirt, a statue of a religious icon, a piece of artwork, or a tarot reading.

I sincerely hope that the resistance to the repeal of this code doesn’t represent our greater community as an intolerant, short-sighted one.

Cadyn Speziale, Front Royal