Letter to the Editor: No one is attacking the public schools


In his letter to this publication on Aug. 8, Steve Shaffer writes of a “growing element” that enjoys attacking the public schools. He seems to propose that this system is above scrutiny in regard to its expenditures of tax revenue, and to question any disbursements of these funds, regardless of how frivolous they appear to be, is tantamount to being anti-education.

That characterization is simply inaccurate and preposterous. As the parent of a daughter currently attending college, and another soon to be, I fully understand and appreciate the value of the educational system as any rational thinking individual does. Shaffer seems to be incapable of and averse to distinguishing between educational necessities versus lavishnesses.

Consider the impetuous and excessive salary increase of a school administrator for no justifiable reason. Consider recent acknowledgement of proposed new school construction to the tune of $50 million. Consider the exorbitant price paid of $49,866 per acre for the land at the central campus a few years ago during the height of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Although he has every right to voice his opinions considering school allocations and outlay, let’s not forget that Shaffer was soundly defeated at the polls last November in his attempt to secure the District 4 supervisor seat.

No one is attacking the public schools. Questioning improper and frivolous School Board spending is not attacking public schools. To question such activity is not akin to subversiveness. We simply demand that they be held accountable for the tax dollars they are allocated.

Mike Wakeman, Edinburg