Letter to the Editor: Oceans can provide endless energy source


I feel a great effort should be made to harness ocean energy. Tidal waves and the motion of our Earth, the high tide and low tide every nine or 10 hours every day, all year long, year after year, could generate power for people around the world.

In some places there are 23-foot tidal changes from low tide to high tide, and to me that is power and a clean energy that should be harnessed for the good of mankind.

The American people have been under the thumb of oil cartels and foreign interests for too long, plus it’s a matter of national security and survival when those natural resources are gone.

We build hydro projects on rivers while the oceans are an almighty power of endless energy. Most people have seen the waves crushing on the rocks, or coastline. That raw power should be tapped.

Richard Slagle, Wardensville, West Virginia