Letter to the Editor: Our nation could use more politicians like Sen. Warner


The Northern Virginia Daily account on Aug. 1 of Sen. Mark Warner’s visit to Shenandoah County reminded me of why I keep voting for him even when we occasionally disagree on specific issues.

His commitment to serving all Virginians — Democrats, Republicans, Independents, tea partiers, whatever and wherever (even those of us out here in the mostly un-Democratic Shenandoah Valley) — keeps me firmly on his side.

Warner and I first met before he ran for governor. I was impressed then — and still am — by his cool head and his steadfast insistence on solving problems rather than spouting ideology. He doesn’t just pay lip service to bipartisanship — he practices it.

In these perilous and divisive times, our state — and our nation — could use a lot more politicians like him.

Shirley Maxwell, Strasburg