Letter to the Editor: Peace can come at a great price


America dropped two atomic bombs on Japan to stop a war. Two cities full of men, women and children. Was that appalling or a morale outrage?

Peace sometimes only comes at a great price. I am proud of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for having the spine and backbone to go after Hamas and these terrorist cowards who hide behind women and children to wage war on Israel.

What’s appalling is that our government is sending foreign aid to Hamas, and funding terrorism against Israel. I wish Benjamin Netanyahu was our president, as we have been without a leader in the White House for six years, and that’s a moral outrage, when we have major problems around the world and in America.

It’s a national disgrace for our Congress to be on a five-week vacation. We need to dump both parties, Republicans and Democrats, and establish a what’s good for America party, and ban corporations and PAC money from the direction of the United States, and rid its photo op leaders and scandals for a better day tomorrow.

Richard W. Slagle, Wardensville