Letter to the Editor: Ridiculous comments made at public hearing


My perfect, beautiful Wednesday morning was ruined when I read the article on fortune telling in the Northern Virginia Daily. In particular, the comments made by Elizabeth Poel at the council meeting.

On Thursday I am still trying to figure out what a hearing on whether or not to license fortune tellers (looks like a moot point and a waste of time as it appears there is no law that says a person(s) cannot get a license and tell fortunes, etc.) has to do with pagans or homosexuals.

It appears to this reader who has traveled the world and met persons of all ethnic cultures and backgrounds that I would rather my children interact with someone of a different religious belief (or none at all) or sexual orientation than a person who, it appears, has no tolerance for anyone with different outlooks or lifestyle.

Shame on the Daily for even printing these ridiculous comments and the Front Royal Town Council for allowing a person to present them as they had no pertinence to the topic. The wonderful caring Pope would be appalled.

Rachel R. Kisner, Edinburg