Letter to the Editor: Sen. Mark Warner is working for Virginians


Health care is a resource to be used wisely. I am exhausted by the gridlock and finger-pointing in Congress. “Repeal” is not the answer.

In 1962, I found myself (nursing student from small farming community) caring for black males in a segregated basement ward of a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. Community care and screening could have prevented the acute pain of the young male in sickle cell crisis.

As a geriatric nurse practitioner in Atlanta some 40 years later, I saw the end effects of diabetes, hypertension and renal disease. Many elderly patients had amputations due to blood vessel damage. Screening and community care could have prevented those expensive complications of chronic disease.

Used wisely, our health care resources will benefit our neighbors, our communities and our economy. Sen. Mark Warner will continue to work toward wise use of our health care resources.

In the wake of the Affordable Care Act’s rollout, Warner was one of the first to voice his concerns with the bill, rather than just blindly supporting a flawed bill, or, even worse, balling his fists and yelling “repeal.” Warner has been working toward a solution that still protects us but makes commonsense reforms. He doesn’t want us to go back to a time when the elderly fell into the Medicare prescription drug “doughnut hole” or when the working poor and elderly had to choose between buying their prescriptions or groceries for the week.

I strongly support Warner as he continues to work for Virginians. His bipartisan and smart style of legislating has earned him praise from both sides of the aisle, and respect from those in Washington, as well as at home who are exhausted by the gridlock and finger-pointing.

Paula Becker, Cross Junction