Letter to the Editor: Share country life with a city child


Last week several dozen valley families hosted children from New York City for a week in a “friendly town” in the country. It was sponsored by the Fresh Air Fund. My husband and I were blessed to welcome to Woodstock two little girls, 10 and 11, from Brooklyn and the Bronx.

For the first time ever, they jumped on a trampoline, cooked hot dogs and s’mores over a bonfire, and walked over a scary suspension bridge. They each fed a llama with a cracker held in their teeth. We climbed the Woodstock Tower for a view of the river and Fort Valley, and picked blackberries, made wildflower bouquets, and decorated cupcakes. It was a week of new adventures and new friends as they played with two of our grandchildren and two grandnieces.

We talked about how the country is different from the city and laughed when they said they didn’t like the gnats. Neither do we! It was a fun-filled week and we look forward to doing it again.

I invite your readers to learn more about the Fresh Air Fund program at their website. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if next year we could double the number of valley families sharing the country life with city children!

Mary Ann Kreitzer, Woodstock