Letter to the Editor: Strasburg is a shining example of excellence


On the afternoon of July 3, a “super-cell” hovering over Strasburg unleashed its 20-minute destructive fury, with high winds, hail and rain. My wife and I have resided in the Meadows (Junction) subdivision for the past 15 years.

The aftermath of the storm revealed, amid much destruction, a wind-felled healthy, 75-foot tree at the corner of our property, into our yard, adjacent to the water tower. It was quickly devoured by firewood pirates. Subsequently, a mess was left, including much debris, 200- to 300-pound blocks of main trunk wood, and an enormous fractured and splintered stump.

Although the neighborhood is well outside the city limits, the town of Strasburg stepped up. They went above and beyond a normal clean-up. They cleaned the area, and totally removed the stump (a huge undertaking, in itself). They landscaped with top soil, seeds with nutrients, and protective straw. To quote a popular commercial, they left it “like it never even happened.”

Many kudos to this team, for their planning, execution, and obvious pride of workmanship. These same attributes are visibly mirrored by the first class main street makeover. The workmanship, planning and pride in the infrastructure upgrades and imagination of the tree planting, sidewalks, lamps and inlaid brick, demonstrate that we have a class act running our sleepy little Shenandoah Valley town. Coupled with a courteous and vigilant police department as well as fire and rescue squads, along with a proactive school system, snow and leaf litter removal, it all makes Strasburg a shining example of excellence for the entire valley. I am proud to tell anyone that we live in Strasburg, Virginia.

William W. and Freddie P. Wilkins, Strasburg