Letter to the Editor: We don’t need police to be military overlords


In the article “Military transfer program helps equip local law enforcement” by Joe Beck, local law enforcement agencies continue to justify their militarization courtesy of the Department of Defense. There are a good many citizens, like myself, who find this troubling. If the Shenandoah Valley has been beset by rioting and AR-15 shootouts, I’m not aware of any. Even the peaceful town of Culpeper finds itself somehow in need of an MRAP armored vehicle!

I support cops and their work, but this is not necessary. It sends a message to the decent citizenry that the government is either preparing for or pining for a full crackdown.

Second Amendment supporters are particularly worried that this is designed with disarming them in mind. I’m not surprised that this movement to militarize the police is leading to some truly off-the-wall conspiracy theories, but those theories carry more weight when the folks who “protect and serve” gain the power to become military overlords.

The police in the region are well-enough equipped to deal with the issues they face. I urge them to say no to arming to the teeth.

Fortunately, I find that this trend is opposed by folks on both ends of the political spectrum — a rarity these days.

Lawrence D. Stone, Strasburg