Commentary: The political correctness con game

By Leroy Donald

In defense of common sense, I sincerely hope the ongoing deluge of political correctness will wither and fade away soon. We’ve been swimming in this mindless double talk that defies any sense of rationale since the early 90s. The left uses it to mislead the uninformed and the right uses it to attack the left.

Jokes were being made about political correctness when it all started, maybe because the two words, political and correctness, were being seen together. I mean, how funny is that? But now the jokes have changed to frustration and anger, because now if you say something the politically correct crowd considers wrong or inappropriate you stand to be criticized or to lose your job or both and you might just find yourself in court.

Through a relentless barrage of subtle messages from the mainstream news media, we are covertly informed about what is appropriate to say and what is not. After hearing the same gibberish over and over day after day, many people just accept it as the truth no matter how ridiculous it may seem. They pass it on to their friends and soon they believe the same nonsense. What started out as a sustained media rant becomes regarded as the truth.

It’s a con game that promotes a message through repetition. The bait is taken and the media snowball of bull is on a roll, no matter how far from the truth that message happens to be.

How many people would have believed a media rant 40 years ago that would have placed limits on public expressions of Christian faith? Not many I suspect, but you see where we are. Some person or small group regards the media message as the new truth. They speak out regarding those responsible for alleged infractions of their new truth as a matter that “offends them.” Those responsible for offending can lawyer up and stand their ground or cede to pressure from opposing lawyers, often represented by the ACLU, a nonprofit group with 500,000 members and an annual budget of $100 million that’s active in 50 states and Puerto Rico. Draw your own conclusions.

So a Judeo-Christian religious belief that has served the country well for over 238 years takes the count due to a dubious mainstream news media and someone who feels offended, with the help of some lawyers who are willing to twist the meaning of the overwhelming number of Christian followers who are not offended and feel that the Constitution protects their freedoms of religious expresion?

And this political correctness con game has taken on new dimensions in recent years that includes sexism, racism, gay rights, a war on women and anything else that might drive the progressive agenda. Nearly every conservative reaction to the progressive agenda is countered by one of these charges, all of which were fabricated through the media and supported by someone’s sense of being offended. Majority rule, logic and common sense are often lost in this ridiculous con game looniness.

Enough with this political correctness con game that denies students in a Dyersburg, Tennessee school the right to say “bless you” when a fellow student sneezes. Enough with this political correctness con game that forces chaplains in the military to perform gay marriages against their religious beliefs. Enough with Chris Mathews on MSNBC news who suggests that it’s racist for conservatives to use the word Chicago. Enough with those few who feel offended while ignoring the feelings of the multitudes they offend.

Short is vertically challenged. Fat is horizontally challenged! Blind is visually impaired! A tall person is a person of height! Balderdash! Short is short, fat is fat, blind is blind and tall is tall. Welcome to the politics of nonsense and may it soon be over.

Leroy Donald lives in Stephens City.