Commentary: Witchcraft is a direct affront against God

By Elizabeth Poel

A commentary from Front Royal Town Councilman Bret Hrbek, published in the Northern Virginia Daily on Aug. 27, begs for correction and comment.

For whatever his reason, the Front Royal town attorney did not report the actual outcome of the Chesterfield County case of Patricia Moore King — “Psychic Sophie” — nor her appeal to the Fourth Circuit Court. King lost her case in both courts. Furthermore, both courts maintained that her spiritual counseling and personal beliefs did not constitute a religion. Religion has always implied a community of believers.

Hrbek does not “judge the people and the times from about 70 years ago” when Ordinance 110-17 was written, and “cannot understand their thinking or the context in which this ordinance was written,” but he “can determine that it is not consistent with what is acceptable today.” Seventy years ago was a period of moral rectitude in the general population of the United States. The same moral rectitude, truth spoken with faith and reason, was what Hrbek called seeing the “worst of people” in the debates. We have lived through the destruction of moral standards. The only thing “acceptable today” is the tyranny of moral relativism. Truth is misconstrued as “hate.”

Contrary to another of his statements, Hrbek should note that Warren County schools were not specified in recent council meetings by opponents of repeal of 110-17. Only public schools in general were mentioned. The speaker could not cite these facts due to council’s three-minute time limit: The U.S. Department of Education commissioned a study of sexual abuse in the public schools. The report, published in 2004, revealed that in a 10-year period (1991-2000) there were about 290,000 cases of sexual abuse of students in the public schools of the United States. The study was done at Hofstra University in New York: Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature.

We heard essentially nothing about those results in the mainstream media. We heard ad infinitum about 11,000 cases of largely homosexual abuses by Catholic priests over a period of 52 years (1950-2002). The study was conducted by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. A simple calculation shows an average of 211 per year for priests and 29,000 per year for the public schools. If one thinks that proselytizing for the LGBT lifestyle does not occur in public schools, get a reality check. Witches boast that they are in the public schools and other institutions. If one thinks that witches don’t proselytize, think again. If one doubts connections between witchcraft and LGBT acts, an online search of “witchcraft, homosexuality” yields considerable information. Witches gave first-hand admissions of homosexuality in recent council meetings. These facts are indeed “chilling.”

But Hrbek, an avowed Christian, was frighteningly “chilled” by the idea that the council not repeal a law in order to benefit a small minority of pagans (from other jurisdictions) wanting to practice witchcraft for money in Front Royal. Witchcraft and other occult practices are a direct affront against God in the First Commandment: “You shall have no other gods before me.” Natural laws/God’s laws trump all positive (human) laws, whether in national, local or whatever jurisdictions. A positive law which is contrary to natural laws/God’s laws is an unjust law, or no law at all.

Elizabeth Poel is a Front Royal resident.