Letter to the Editor: Why does county object to history?


I do not understand why Shenandoah County appears to object to history. It is uniquely rich in abundant past events that relate to particular subjects, places and organizations that would draw participation of our citizens and draw tourists from across the world!

The old courthouse is restored and houses programs for county recreation instead of charging for dramas that played out there, lectures of the town’s rich history or the area’s historical debates that coursed America forward! Even the Glebe Farm (alms house) showcased recently new methods of sustainable farming instead of focusing on preservation and historical significance! The Glebe: the English Church, the governance and our fight to be Americans! Excuse me: the farm abuts Civil War historical property. Men died there for our freedom today!

Farming is wonderful. Recreation is wonderful, but please, please, please let’s get our priorities straight. I will pay and bring my guests to pay to see history and the action of history. I personally find it disrespectful to perform dance lessons in a courtroom of practice law and justice, where soldiers bled.

I find it disrespectful to overlook the hardships and leaps of faith the Glebe provided and of which we rose, where soldiers encamped and died, and our community for generations did our best. Practice of good agriculture, yes indeed, but the county owns more than one farm. I say “aye” for historical learning opportunities and tourism dollars.

Rex Ingram, Maurertown