Letter to the Editor: Comstock treats all people with dignity


Judging from the attack mail that has been early on popping up from Democrat candidate John Foust, he is continuing what a local newspaper editorial called a “snit filled ‘war’ against one woman — Barbara Comstock.”

His early attacks against Comstock are instructive in telling us that Foust is a candidate with no plan for the future and no record to tell us about himself. His snit is getting tiresome. At a time when we are facing international cries, beheadings of Americans at the hands of terrorists, a flat economy, and immigration crisis on the border, Foust wants to focus divisive social issues that will do nothing to improve our economy, help our kids get jobs, and make this country more safe and secure.

There are good people on both sides of these difficult social issues, and I appreciate that Comstock treats all people with dignity and doesn’t demonize people who disagree with her. Instead, she focuses on what unites us and gets results on improving our economy, getting more money for our schools and protecting our communities. For example, Comstock will be participating in an Oct.r 1 hearing on the heroin problem in the valley. She encouraged the speaker to call a special hearing on the issue and a special hearing is being held to hear from the people on the front lines on this growing problem in our community.

Have you heard Foust say a word about this problem? No, he’s been too busy attacking to find out the issues that really matter.

Robert Seale, Winchester