Letter to the Editor: Conditions do seem right for a revolution


Are we ripe for another revolution? News of beheadings and random shootings of innocent civilians on our streets and in our places of business caused me to think about the French Revolution. The news about the immense income disparity of corporate CEOs to their employees sent me digging for more information about the French Revolution.

CEOs earn 350 times more than their employees!

Republicans want to cut taxes on those CEOs and cut benefits for the employees.

Back to the French Revolution. Google lists seven main causes of it:

• Absolute monarchy (scratch that one)
• Corrupt leadership
• Unfair land distribution
• Unfair tax code
• Rigid social class structure (the “haves” and the “have nots”)
• Privileges of the first and second estates (read: crushing debt burdens, severely limited or non-existent economic opportunities inferior educational opportunities,)
• Spread of enlightenment ideas (read: liberty, fairness, equality, the right/ability to vote, equal justice for all, new traditions, new ways to work together for the good of all)

Marie Antoinette never saw a kitchen in her whole life. She had no idea what is involved in making bread or cake. She, like the rest of her class, only knew that there was a physical resemblance. Whether or not she actually said “let them eat cake,” it epitomized all that the populace hated and resented. In her ignorance she meant no ill. France was ripe for revolution.

How long can the Congress of the United States continue to do absolutely nothing without causing irreparable damage to the country? How long will we tolerate the gunshot carnage?
Compare Mitt’s elevator for his automobiles, and Ann Romney’s “two Cadillacs,” and of course there is the “47 percent.” Let us also remember miserable compensation packages enjoyed by Walmart employees. Unlike the French queen, Romney and the GOP know exactly what they are doing.

Does anyone remember the Watts riots?

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal