Letter to the Editor: Cursive writing is outdated


This is in response to the Aug. 26 article of opinion by Roger Barbee. There is a lot of debate going on as to whether cursive writing instruction is really necessary. These days, penmanship is becoming a thing of the past due to the rise of technology.

In my opinion, I suggest we throw it to the curb. I have seen penmanship that is so atrocious it made my eyes bleed. When you have better and faster tools in hand, you should use them. This is known as progress. Now days, the young people in my life connect with friends by texting or using Facebook. They are not sitting around practicing the centuries-old script. They are using key boards or tablets and computers.

If your argument is what about signatures, cursive signatures are not actually legally required and never were. If your argument is what about reading historical documents, they can be downloaded and easily read online. This is an advanced society we live in. If you want your child to learn cursive writing, there are many handwriting workbooks and charts available online and in your local bookstore.

Allow the school curricula to cover the many other bases rather than teaching the long and tedious process of learning to write in cursive. After all, it is the 21st century.

Gayle Crowder Ryman, Strasburg