Letter to the Editor: Defending states rights and marriage


The House of Delegates will meet Thursday to take up HR 541. I’m asking everyone to contact their delegate and Speaker William J. Howell and ask them to support this resolution authorizing the House speaker to hire legal counsel to defend Virginia’s constitution in federal court.

The need for this began when the Attorney General Mark Herring, a Democrat, refused to defend the constitutional challenge to the 2006 Marriage Amendment to the constitution. He not only refused to defend it, he refused to appoint someone else or hire outside counsel in his place. He also sided with the plaintiff against his client, Virginia.

No matter which side of the same sex marriage argument you are on, these constant federal challenges to legitimate voter referendums and our constitution are an assault on states’ rights and sovereignty. Further, Gov. Terry McAuliffe has openly threatened again to expand Medicaid by executive fiat in direct violation of law. Our Founding Fathers were fearful of an all-powerful central government that would usurp the rights of the states and the people who gave it life. Their fear is all too much our reality.

People ask me what they can do to push back against politicians who aggrandize power and ignore the rule of law; who seek to rule rather than govern within constitutional limits. A call or email to Howell and your delegate asking them to support HR 541 is one tangible thing you can do.

Tell them you want immediate action in state courts to remove our rogue attorney general from the federal case, that you want a House of Delegates attorney to represent Virginia in defending our constitution in its totality — from the marriage amendment to Medicaid expansion.

The left never rests. For more than 100 years, they have been pursuing the deconstruction of legitimate constitutional government and have been successful in building institutions to that end. It is time conservatives take the offense in this assault on individual and property rights. Del. Mark Cole’s HR 541 gives the House speaker a real weapon with which to engage the governor and attorney general in this battle.

Matt Leeds, Berryville