Letter to the Editor: Ole Time Festival was wonderful experience


The 2014 Edinburg Ole Time Festival was one of the best I’ve ever attended. One of the key reasons for this was Evelyn Dickenson Swensson.

Ms. Swensson led the sing-along Friday evening and she spoke at the Edinburg Mill on Saturday morning.

Ms. Swensson spent many of her younger years in Shenandoah County and her grandparents at one time owned the Edinburg Mill. She shared stories about her mother and grandparents that were both touching and inspiring.

What radiated most from her was a passion for her past, her love of her family heritage, and her true joy of being able to attend the festival. Ms. Swensson, who is in her 80s, traveled to Edinburg from Delaware.

She brought to my mind how much my Dad, Bill Didawick, also loved Edinburg. Ironically, Saturday was the 10th anniversary of his passing. Also somewhat ironic is that years ago, he drew the mill house (next door to the mill) in pen and ink. I have a copy in my home and I will never look at it the same without thinking of not only Dad but Ms. Swensson as well. Just two of the fine people who loved Edinburg, the area, and Shenandoah County. Great job, Ole Time Festival!

Natalie Wills, Winchester