Letter to the Editor: Schmookler identified a basic problem


I have just finished reading Andy Schmookler’s commentary in the Northern Virginia Daily. Congratulations! I think he has identified a basic problem.

My husband and I have often speculated about what went wrong, and how our country got into the current mess. We have reviewed the current crop of conspiracy theories, and all the possible wicked witches and warlocks and all the envious nations that might like to take over our role as world leader. Of course nothing fits!

We have asked ourselves: how can any educated individual, someone holding a responsible job, someone who went through the weeding-out process of winning an election (local, statewide, and/or national), actually advocate making poor people poorer, firing government employees, and cutting basic services, and actually believe this is the way to create prosperity?

Obviously a lot of people meet this description. The big question is what are we going to do about it?

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal