Letter to the Editor: Trusting God outweighs tarot reader’s advice


A Sept. 2 letter to the editor by Priestess Maya Sparks of Stephens City applauded the community for affording those practicing divination/psychic services access to operate their business in Front Royal. Her idea that scientific research is proving those activities beneficial is disturbing. Where in the world did that come from? And I don’t comprehend where she thinks the democratic process granted them that access. We did not vote on the matter. Our representatives had only a vague idea what the populace think about it. The people advocating for their business mostly reside outside Front Royal, including Sparks.

The majority of opponents of that business are Christians whose beliefs are not “outmoded ideas” but rather beneficial to humanity, learned from history, proven worthy by their most beneficial gifts to mankind such as universities, grammar schools, hospitals, nursing homes, homes for the poor, etc.

We’ve learned that trusting in God and working to do his will far outweighs trusting in a priestess/tarot card reader’s misguided spiritual advice and doing their will. Our greatest president, George Washington, who read the Bible every day, often reminded people to live virtuous lives and to trust in God’s providence. We can do that, and will, without giving away our children’s heritage.

We are sorry those who believe God cannot be first in their lives are so misguided. I pray they will come to understand Christian beliefs are not hateful, rather they are truly just the opposite.

Margaret Davis, Front Royal