Letter to the Editor: Vote for Libertarian Robert Sarvis


I contend that voting for Ed Gillespie on Nov. 4 is going to prove to be a profoundly futile gesture.

As nice as it would be to have a viable conservative alternative to Mark Warner, there is none this year. Gillespie is running at least 20 points behind Warner, and for good reason. His gimmicky “Ed Gillespie Agenda for Economic Growth” platform is devoid of substance. There is nothing in it but cookie cutter platitudes. But can we really expect anything better from the Virginia GOP’s cheaper, “off-brand” version of Terry McAuliffe? It is important to keep in mind that Gillespie has spent his whole career thriving off of the capital’s dysfunctional, power-hungry culture.

However, in these troubled times, it is still essential to go out and vote.

Democracy is too precious for us to let it slip through our hands without making an effort to hold onto it. Fortunately, there is a highly qualified “none of the above” option on the ballot this year. This option is to vote for Libertarian Robert Sarvis. I urge everyone to take a closer look at his campaign and to take a look at him.

Sarvis has an excellent professional background, with much experience as an honest businessman and an exceptional scholar. He has a very impressive background in mathematics, information technology, economics and other topics. He has the integrity to campaign on what he believes in, as opposed to campaigning on what he thinks people want to hear. Also, why don’t we face the fact that he has just as good a chance of unseating Warner as Gillespie? Is that really a crazy assertion to make? I don’t think third party or independent winners of statewide races like Jesse Ventura, Angus King, Bernie Sanders, etc., would think so!

Please at least consider joining me in refusing to give in to apathy and refusing to rubber stamp the status quo!

William Bigelow, Berryville