Letter to the Editor: Why we don’t worry about government


I don’t think we have much to worry about. We pay our taxes and expect government to do its job and we really don’t give it a second thought. How we got together after 9/11 is similar to how we got together in 1942. We basically trust our government.

It has been written that anyone who can get on a soap-box and make a good speech is fit for government. But our Founding Fathers were right in being suspicious of mass movements. It takes time to sort things out. Sixty percent of Americans who fought in Vietnam were volunteers, but at the time, the media was all about how we didn’t like the war.

We don’t have the draft to worry about, now. It’s strangers coming on public school grounds during class hours, weapons and all, that freak us out. Security is so tight in public places and we take it in stride, knowing the dangers that are about there.

Once upon a time, we didn’t even have seat belts in cars and used leaded gasoline. It took people like Ralph Nader to change things. Actually, most people think politics is dirty, but these politicians lead lives like soap-Oprah characters. Heaven forbid a public school teacher doesn’t go through a background check. I think that’s why we really don’t worry about government.

Gerry Kona, Front Royal