Letter to the Editor: Kmart’s closure and a bit of grandstanding


The ongoing demise of Sears Holding Corp. and recent announcement that the Front Royal Kmart will be closed seems to have given the Town Council and those wishing to retain their seats an opportunity to do a little bit of “grandstanding.” Certainly a letter to the organization’s CEO can’t hurt, but why beg to postpone the inevitable?

The company as a whole, from what I have read, has lost approximately $6 billion in two years. How can anyone expect an organization to pay and retain employees under those circumstances? One has to wonder how many times a week the local elected officials shop at Kmart versus Walmart or Target? I can tell you that I personally use Kmart as an after thought because their inventory availability is hit or miss.

If the elected officials really want to make an impact with filling the Kmart void, then contact the Shopper Centers Property Management team and work with them to provide some incentives in order to attract a similar anchor big box retailer to the property. That is the best option and due diligence you owe to the 88 people who will be affected by the closure.

Kmart appears to be gone. Forget about it! Move on … life is good.

Harold Rappaport, Front Royal