Letter to the Editor: Time to offer up some prayers


A letter to this paper dated Tuesday, Oct. 21, hit the bulls eye for sure. In it Chad Logan stated the facts about some of our current leaders. It was indeed one of the best worded and factual letters anyone could write.

As conservatives it is a must that we turn out in every election and vote people in office that will give it their best to turn our country around. Lots of elections are determined by a small percentage of the voters, so don’t make an effort, go beyond that and get to the polls.

The facts are, our country as well as our world are in a state of shambles. Logan states we can’t afford six more years of the same old same old. I’m wondering if we can afford six more months. I attend a church where the pastor is not a doom and gloom speaker but tells us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear.

The ISIS situation is tragic beyond words. Our soldiers came home maimed for life either in body, mind or both and now this. Do they think we did this for nothing?

I seldom talk to my grandson, who served in Iraq, without having to choke back tears when I hear how he talks and how his way of thinking has been distorted. And now the so-called leader of our great country has no clue. At least he is honest this time. Clueless for sure.

He sure knows how to attend fundraisers and spend billions on vacations, but clueless is the word.

I firmly believe we can take our country back with effort on our part as conservative Christians, and it starts at the polls and a bended knee for sure more than just once in a while. It has been said that we only get on our knees in prayer when we are in trouble. Now is the time ladies and gentlemen. We are in trouble.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg