Letter to the Editor: Be thankful for our freedom


A conversation I had recently with a veteran who served in Afghanistan left me in tears and I hope it does you as I try to condense it in the space allowed in this letter. I noticed a patch on his shirt that said “I served,” so I thanked him and it went from there. Having a son and grandson who served in Iraq gave me an insight of how he felt.

This will not be verbatim but, as close as I can recall, it went something like this: “They taught us to kill and do anything possible to survive and sent us home and said have a nice life.” He suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as does my grandson, so I can relate to him but I have not been there so not totally connected.

“They expected us to come home, flip a switch and it’s all over. If I get total disability my driver’s license is revoked. I would really be handicapped with no public transportation available and no way to travel,” the veteran said.

People, what is going on with our country?

We owe these individuals big time, ladies and gentlemen. My grandson has horrible setbacks and then is embarrassed by his behavior. It is nothing to be ashamed of. We should be the ones ashamed of letting this happen to these brave men and women.

If you don’t like it here, then move to another country. It’s that simple. I’ll kick in on the airfare and millions of others would to, I’m sure. Go there and complain and burn their flag.

These brave individuals deserve everything we have to offer. He talked about the whiners here upset because their cell phones have poor service or the coffee is too hot or their Nikes are old. He saw children take water bottles and cut them open to make shoes to wear.

Wake up America, that includes me. PTSD is a horrible thing to suffer. Be thankful for our freedom.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg