Letter to the Editor: Cast your vote for Ed Gillespie


“Where is Waldo”? I remember the puzzle picture. Waldo, as I remember, always had that same facial expression but was not always, for a child, that easy to find.

Fast forward to Election Day 2014. For today’s picture, the question is, “Where is Mark?” — Mark Warner that would be.

Take his picture in the Virginia governor’s portrait. During fairly robust times, Gov. Warner seemed most of the time to be above the fray.

In the 2008 political campaign, Warner is seen riding the coattails of a popular, little-known senator from Illinois and handily winning the right to represent Virginia in the U.S. Senate.

When the newly elected president declares that he is going to fundamentally transform America, Warner is seen cheering robustly.

When President Obama began running up trillion plus dollar deficits, seen with him all the way is Warner.

In some scenes, Warner, like a high diver, is pictured with a wet hand raised in the air to detect the direction of the wind. In other scenes, he is looking the other way, bewildered, and in some even appears perplexed.

When the Affordable Care Act — 2,750 pages of federal power grab — was presented, Warner is seen intently listening to Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she declares, “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” He is then seen, without hesitation, casting a very decisive vote.

While Lois Lerner and other IRS agents were targeting conservatives illegally, he appeared to be quite pleased.

With Fast and Furious, Iraqi abandonment, men with clubs at a polling place, the death of four Americans in Bengazi, spiraling national debit, Russian reset, Iran, illegal immigration, and other senate responsibilities, he is very hard to find as he and other senators are looking the other way.

Warner apparently is a great admirer of Harry Reid, being lockstep with regularly.

Did not Warner help with the presentation of sequester?

It is my hope that Virginians will not again be blinded by the wool that has been pulled over their eyes and will elect Ed Gillespie to be our senator.

Homer I. Funk, Front Royal