Letter to the Editor: Foust treats ‘all people with dignity’


A recent letter to the editor — Sept.25, “Comstock treats all people with dignity,” reduced the important election for the 10th Congressional district representative to a personal war between the two candidates. No, a campaign gives the voters a chance to learn about the candidates and their views, past votes and other pertinent experience.

John Foust has served the interests of all Fairfax County residents during his tenure on the Board of Supervisors and is running for Congress to bring his pragmatic approach to solving issues to the Congress. In every campaign event and debate, he talks about what he will do if elected and at the same time tries to bring out the facts about Barbara Comstock’s past votes, which unfortunately have not served the middle class in Virginia, including, commuters, women, school children and their families.

The voters in the 10th Congressional District need to know the facts about Comstock. When they learn about her extreme conservatism, which trumps her concern for the majority of citizens in Virginia as evidenced in her votes and answers to debate questions, they will elect a candidate whose past experience shows that he treats “all people with dignity,” even those who do not have monetary or political power.

Paula Gori, Oakton, Virginia