Letter to the Editor: Justice was not served in molestation case


In what world does a couple molest children and get off with sentences like the Daly case?

In no way was there justice done for the children, and I believe we all know there is never just one. There is no justice harsh enough for anyone who harms a child, but a former minister and his wife who also ran a day care center at one time? They must have thought they hit the jackpot with that.

I believe God holds ministers and teachers of his ministry to a higher standard and their punishments received in this case will surely be more harsh than the judicial system saw fit. Six years for Daly and 10 days for his wife who was privy to her husband’s evil deeds. Shame — on the Dalys and the judge.

Children who are molested and raped live with the consequences their entire lives. This couple will just go on to live their putrid lives.

There are no extenuating circumstances when it comes to harming a child. Their lives are scarred forever. I’m assuming the courts will at least manage to get them registered as sex offenders.

I am so irate, disgusted and sickened by this case I’m left speechless, and believe me, that seldom happens.

Virginia Karen Cutlip-Hill, Morton Grove, Illinois