Letter to the Editor: Monday was not a day of celebration


As a pastor I’ve been asked what my reaction is to legalized same-sex marriages.

I wept, much like Jesus wept over Jerusalem (Matthew 23) because they didn’t know what was coming, and neither do we. I don’t see this as a day of celebration but rather a day for mourning. Governments can make anything legal, that doesn’t make it morally right. Two hundred years ago, slavery was legal, but it wasn’t moral.

I suspect in a decade or two the divorce rate among same sex marriages will be the same as heterosexual couples, about 50 percent. Again, I see no cause for celebration.

What we have now done in this country is the exact same thing Adam and Eve did in the garden. We have told God we want things our way, not his. In that case, God put them out of the garden and let them have it their way. The results were pain during childbirth, a life of hard labor and struggle, famine, crime, war, and all kinds of evil along with sickness and disease entered their world.

Will there be consequences for our disobedience? There always is. My concern is that God will allow us to experience those consequences whatever they may be and will choose not intervene.

Joshua 24:15 — “Choose this day whom you will serve, as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”

Pastor Harold Wetzel, Valley Central Church, New Market