Letter to the Editor: Obamacare will be worst legislation in history


Being self-employed, I recently received my annual health insurance renewal notice. This was the first one since the Affordable Care Act plan requirements took effect.

To keep my current policy, my monthly premiums would skyrocket from $849 per month to $1640 per month. I have yet to ascertain where the “affordable” component of the ACA applies.

I would suggest that the actual intent of all this massive amount of complex new taxation and red tape bureaucracy had nothing to do with expanding coverage to the uninsured, and everything to do with intentionally crushing the private insurance market in order to eventually replace it with a government-run single payer socialist system now prevalent in many countries.

Many small businesses are going to be absolutely devastated by the provisions in Obamacare that require them to provide expensive coverage for their employees. It is projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls, as if the government was not facing enough of a crisis with entitlement spending.

It is also estimated it will add more than one trillion dollars toward government spending over the next decade. For a government already drowning in debt, these revelations are dreary.

When all is said and done, there will be little doubt that the ACA will qualify as the single worst piece of legislation in American history. Likewise, for this and many other reasons, our commander in chief will hold the well-earned distinction of being the worst president in history.

Mike Wakeman, Edinburg