Letter to the Editor: Opponent is known for personal attacks


Perhaps Robert Searle, the author of the letter claiming that Barbara Comstock treats all people with dignity, hasn’t known her long. We in the eastern part of her district have watched her through several campaigns and that characterization is quite off the mark.

In her last campaign for state delegate she waited until close to the election to put out an attack mail piece that featured a woman’s hand covered in blood. She then claimed her opponent had been “caught red handed” for an insignificant error in one of her mailers.

Comstock is known for personal attacks; every campaign she has been involved in has included them.

John Foust, on the other hand, is discussing Comstock’s record, where she has repeatedly voted against transportation, education funding, and a woman’s right to choose. Comstock chooses to interpret the public airing of her political actions and positions as personal attacks and mostly evades defending them.

Foust is known locally as a very gracious man, a good listener, a thoughtful analyst, and a hard worker. His staff is the best when it comes to constituent concerns. His track record as a local leader bodes well for his being an excellent Congressman.

Dana Pratt, McLean