Letter to the Editor: Supervisors showing poor judgment


The four male members of the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors made two decisions recently that leave this taxpayer shaking his head in bewilderment — again.

First, they decided to have a bulldozer salesman write the specifications that would go in the request for bids for – you knew it – a bulldozer.

There was only one bulldozer that met the qualifications requested (coincidentally made by the salesman’s company), so of course the supervisors chose that bulldozer. The price is $311,285 (after a $43,500 trade in). That will cost taxpayers between $326,000 and $336,000, with interest.

No one buys a product without doing comparison shopping. If these supervisors made financial decisions like this in their personal lives, they would go bankrupt or ruin their small businesses. If they made decisions like this for an employer, they would be fired. That’s what we taxpayers should do with them.

The second decision the four supervisors made is to allow the county attorney to continue working without a contract. According to a representative in the Virginia State Procurement Office, state code requires a contract. Aside from that, it’s good business practice.

Further, you would think the county attorney would insist on a contract. Attorneys always advise clients entering into business/financial arrangements to “get it in writing.” If our attorney doesn’t want a contract, maybe it’s to his advantage.

Further, our attorney is from another county. We have many qualified attorneys in Shenandoah County. We have been sending our taxpayer money to this county attorney and his father before him in another county for 15 years, all without a contract. It’s time to stop this practice. It is part of the fictional “open and transparent” method of government these supervisors are so quick to brag about. Put the attorney on written contract so all of us can see what arrangement he has with the county.

These are just the two latest examples of poor judgment on the part of these four supervisors. We the people have an opportunity to replace three of these public “servants” next year. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity.

Fred Hughes, Woodstock